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I am a Junior Full Stack Developer with a passion for creating web and mobile applications. With experience in various languages and frameworks, I am skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React JS, Material UI, Laravel, PHP, Postman, MySQL, Flutter, and Dart. I also have a strong understanding of project management tools like Jira, Git, GitHub, and GitLab.

I am Junior Full Stack Developer for Web & Mobile App Development


Web Development

Mobile App Development

Project Management

MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro

APR 2023 - JULY 2023

I worked

BM AGENCY - Full Stack Freelance Web Developer

JAN 2023 - MAR 2023

ISWY CONSULTING - Freelance Flutter Android Developer

JULY 2022 - SEPT 2022

CAPDEV - Flutter Internship

Full Stack Development, Project Management, Mobile App Development, Web Development, Deployment, Database Management.

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